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Our History Qingdao Baoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd. has focused on high quality metal fabrication,Website:http://www.baoxinmachinery.com,steel fence,laser processing,powder coating and painting products for over 15 years in Qingdao,China.We started as a small operation,but now have grow up one of the biggest metal fabrication supplier in Qingdao,China. We are now offering the following service and products:metal fabrication,metal plate,steel fence,track industry cabinet,telecommunication cabinet,laser processing,powder coating and painting. Our Factory Qingdao Baoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shandong in Qingdao,10km away from Qingdao International airport.The factory covers 15000 square meters,and with the experienced workers more than 100.Annual sales above $5 million.Our company committed to providing high quality products to customer. Our Product Qingdao Baoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd. products includes the following: 1.Telecommunication industry products,network cabinet,control cabinets,powder coating oven cover,baseplate and panel. 2.Track Industry,exhaust hood,refuse box,capacity box,battery cabinet,water tanks 3.Steel fence,galvanized steel fence,painting fence. 4.Laser processing Powder coating and painting Product Application Our product are widely used in the following industry: 1.Logistic instrument 2.Construction 3.Auto industry Livestock husbandry Production Equipment We are capable produce 1000 tons of metal fabrication,steel structure,steel fence and powder coating products per month.Our production equipment including: 1.Plate shears 15 sets 2.Press machine 5 sets 3.Bending machine 5 sets 4.Laser cutting machine 1 sets 5.Plasma cutting machine 1 sets 6.Numerical Control Punch 2 sets 7.Powder coating line 1 sets 8.Puncher machine 5 sets Arc welder 25 sets
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1.Cabinet door 4.laser processing 2.Steel fence 5.painting 3.metal fabrication 6.powder coating
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